We are such egotistical creatures. Man is such an arrogant ass, not much different from a punk adolescent trying to show others how tough he is. We like to think we can predict and control “things” in our lives. We try to tell ourselves and convince the rest of us we can control, manipulate and reshape nature to suit our purposes. And others of us, using excuses and upside down logic can’t resist the temptation of trying to control the rest of us.


We are fortunate some “unknowns” still exist, and man, for all his wanting, has yet to demonstrate ability to control even himself. I find it a bit amusing, reassuring, and I’m relieved when little things go wrong and the predicted and anticipated results don’t appear. Have you noticed when things go wrong how men tend to act like adolescents and deny anything went wrong? Have you ever noticed how agencies, institutions, governments and churches cannot admit guilt or errors? The attitude of all states is based on a kind of infallibility.


This attitude is unfortunate since nation-states account for most of the ills and misery in the world. Nations are collective things that become greater than the sum of their individual parts. All states desire to promote their own image and power through whatever means is necessary, available and they can get away using. They are neither moral nor immoral; they are, regardless of their denials to the contrary, all amoral.


So, it is always with a sense of pleasure and relief when I discover the intentions and predictions of states and other organizations and institutions fall flat and they are exposed to the reality of their own fallibility.



jml 07/15/13